The Islandic avant-garde electro sensation, GusGus, will perform in Hangar Luke Beograd on December 8. Supporting acts will consist out of the experimental duo Karpov Not Kasparov from Bucharest, as well as the local duo of Chorbika and MKDSL, a producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Ten years after their amazing Belgrade concert, GusGus is preparing a new, extravagant harmony of music and stage performance, with a lot of positive energy, still using analog equipment for maintaining that real electronic sound. Just before the release of their 10th album Lies Are More Flexible, Serbian crowd will be among the first ones to hear their new songs live.

They follow the principles of music being an unlimited process of creativity and they are able to create their unique sound mainly because they never gravitated to some popular music trends, but staying true to their souls. Although authentic and unusual, after two decades on the scene they are still exploring. On their return to Belgrade, this is what they had to say:

The show that we prepared will cover our entire career up to the latest works. We carefully selected the songs we are going to perform. Every time we go on stage, we do it with an intention of making a spectacular show. Over the last couple of months we performed in Russia, USA, Mexico and Eastern Europe and the reactions were incredible. People were screaming out of joy and happiness, and that is exactly what we want to happen in Belgrade. Expect a ton of positive energy and emotional charge, just as on the previous show. It is going to be terrific and exciting, a true eruption of pleasure.

GusGus was founded in 1995 as a collective of musicians, producers, movie creators and performers, during the shooting of the movie Pleasure (Nautn). Their second album Polydistortion from 1997, made them celebrities in Great Britain, after which they sold out many shows all over the world. They climbed to the top of the charts several years later with their single David, on their 4th studio album Attention (2002). Their biggest success was the Arabian Horse release in 2011 with hits like Over and Arabian Horse.

They are known for their eclectic sound and unconventional fusion of Electro, Techno, Trip hop and House, effectually combined with Pop and other music genres. They collaborated with numerous legendary artists such as Björk, Roisin Murphy, Depeche Mode, Sigur Rós and Ian Brown.

Karpov Not Kasparov from Bucharest, was founded in 2009 and many people call them the GusGus of the East. Their sets are done in form of an experimental live show, and they truly bring something special to the table. They have highs and lows, plot twists and near climaxes, like any good chess game. Like in chess, on which rules and strategies they base their musical creation, Karpov not Kasparov’s sound is a mathematical fusion of electronic music, an early 80’s sound and some jazzy-oriental flavors.


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