Ilario Alicante promises to deliver pure energy recharge at Hangar

Hello Ilario, we can’t wait to see you in Belgrade ☺

Tell us what were your impressions of electronic music scene when you were 15 years old teenager and what are they now? What were your thoughts back than when today you know how it really works?

I feel that our kind of electronic music has the widest range of listeners and followers than before. It’s normal that when products become kind of ‘mainstream’, things change. I have to say that the digital world became very very influent and for some people it’s a cool thing but others not. I always try to save the pure thoughts that I had when I was a teenager – my passion for the music, the parties, the smiles that people have on their faces when they’re listening to you play, for the dancing and the emotions that the music gives to you without asking for anything back. I think if you can take care of this, everything can change around you but it wil affect you or make you lose the passion.

In your biography it says that you are always going to be a clubber. Now when you are in rising career with lot of gigs, how do you find free time to fulfill that need and what is your favorite detail about being a clubber?

I absolutely need to find time for it. For example, during the winter seasons here in Berlin, when I come back after my gigs (normally on Sundays) I always try to find the energy to go to Berghain and let my body and mind get lost in the music and dance like nobody is watching me. I need those moments. I need to feel the music inside myself, enjoying the process from the dance floor. I love to ‘read’ the stories that DJs are writing through the music they are playing. That’s what made me fall in love with DJing. A good writer needs to still read other authors books.

Tell us one unique experience in your career that you will never forget?

The first time I closed the Amnesia terrace. That club is one of the most important places for me. I remember the moment I played one of my favourite tracks during the set and I turned around to see all my real friends supporting me, with the biggest smiles and then when I turned back to the crowd, every one was happy and the sun was starting to come through the terrace. The atmosphere was simply perfect and I felt that was like a connection of everything. I felt pure happiness and I will dedicate my life to music for moments like this. Unique.

What DJ or producer is the most fun to party with and why?

Of course it would have to be Sven Väth. He’s a mentor and a real DJ. I love the way he manipulates the music and releases his emotions through it. I’m always amazed to see how he always does it right and to see how people react to the those emotions.

What kind of party can Blender’s fans expect on 1st of January?

A proper recharge of energy to set you up for an amazing 2018!


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