Anja Schneider: ”Can’t wait to be back”

Hello Anja 🙂

It is great to hear that you made another step in your career, opening a brand new label. Tell us why is SoUs different and special for you?

SoUs is very personal and gives me all the freedom which I missed the last year. I don’t have pressure or plans and can really concentrate on my music and myself as a dj. It was a big step for me and not easy to left everything behind but I feel a bit more light and will see where this goes. The good hingis that I don’t have the plan that’s very refreshing 🙂

Electronic music scene is constantly changing and whit it the popularity of music directions, for example in present time techno is the word. To your opinion who is dictating this, is it crowd or are the artists those who can make, or change the course?

I think we achived everything already in electronic music. We repeat a lot of sounds and music and it’s a constantly new interpretation of old sounds which keep always my interest and keep me going. Its of course the crowd the time and enviroment in that we living as well as the DJ’s. It’s a game of all together. I would love to know ther receipt of it.

You are a strong woman, you brought Mobilee to the top, you build your career as producer and DJ, and you are a mother. What was the hardest thing for you during all this time?

To leave all this and starting from scratch … but honestly I never thought that somethingis hard for me. Of course its hard to leave every weekend your famly and friends but on this same I made so much new friends and came home with full of new inspirations and good energy. Travel is the worse but still loving it to go around the world.

From all the parties, festivals, club life, why do you still love it and what does keep you going on?

The constant love to the music. I m still curious and excited and that’s the best.

Who would you like to recommend to us from young artists?

Be yourself and do what you love .

One sentence for Belgrade’s crowed?

Can’t wait to be back. Had always a great time here.


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