Blender interview: Alan Fitzpatrick

  • Techno music is constantly changing. How do you deal with all those changes on the scene and music market?

I just focus on my own vision and try not to worry too much about other people. It’s so easy to get worked up but other people’s plans and what’s going on in their career. I find it’s best to be unphased by all of this and focus on myself and my music.

  • You had one period when you were playing music for your fans and working for “House Gigging”. Where did you get this idea? Is it homage for past times or is it something different?

It was a combination of both really. I really admire the dedication of some of my fans and thought it was time to give something back to them. It seemed right to do this in a more intimate setting – and where better than their front room! It also felt like we were going back to where it all started out, authentic parties where people just turned up and danced. The house parties were really fun – we didn’t know if the police were going to turn up and shut the whole thing down, to be honest I wouldn’t have blamed them. The void soundsystem had every window on the street shaking!

  • Describe your music in three words.

Pretty Fucking Awesome

  • What unique experience from your career won’t you ever forget?

There are quite a few actually but if I had to pick one I’d probably say my b2b with Sasha last year. I’ve always been a massive fan so that was a real buzz for me.

  • What is your favorite party destination? Whose show wouldn’t you ever miss?

Definitely Ibiza. And I’d love to see BICEP Live or maybe Ross from Friends – his music really interests me.

  • What DJ or producer is the most fun to party with and why?

I don’t really party much anymore but I always have a laugh with Scream.

  • Your favorite artist and album of all time?

Prince – Purple Rain. I’m a huge Prince fan – isn’t everyone?

  • Your top 3 tracks of any genre?

Jeff Mills – The Bells

Prince – I wanna be your love

Stone Roses – I want to be adored

  • Young artists to watch in 2019?

I’d keep an eye on some of the fresh talent on my label; We Are The Brave. “A.S.H” is definitely one to watch at the moment. His music is wicked and his DJ sets are even better – he really knows how to work the crowd. His debut release on the label last year was huge and we’ve got some more planned for this year.

  • Tell us more about your new EP “11:11 The Awakening”

It’s a 7 track EP out last month. I was touring quite a lot last year and didn’t release a massive amount of music so I was keen to get a chunky EP out in January and just start the year off with a bang. Some of the tracks have been on my laptop for years and some of them are new – I just thought they worked well together. I asked Polymod to remix the lead track ‘Eleven Eleven’ and it was wicked – these two tracks were the basis of the EP.

  • What are your plans for 2019?

I’ve got a lot planned for this year, especially with ‘We Are The Brave’. Expect more music, more events, 2019 is definitely going to be the year for us.

  • You have already met our crowd, what do you expect from them this time and what can they expect from you?

The Serbian crowd are great fun – always up for it! I can’t wait to be back, I always take January off touring so it’s good to get back behind the decks. Expect bombs from me, I’ve got lots of new music to share with everyone.


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