CDE 2021: Dream or Reality

Dear clubbers, artists, collaborators, music lovers, and all other enthusiasts,

December is the month when we usually wrap up the impressions of the year that is coming to an end. December is the month when the countdown to the New Year begins. A month full of euphoria, hypnotizing colors, the smell of winter in the air, flashy lights, LED screens, decorated Christmas trees, snowflakes, chocolate Santa’s, gifts, greeting cards, fireworks, festive mood, NYE parties… There are, also, deep thoughts, New Year’s resolutions, promises, and wishes. This month should be filled with dreams, hopes, and good vibes.

For US, December is the month when we count the days until the beginning of the new edition of our CENTRAL DANCE EVENT festival. A month when, despite the intense rhythm, we manage to take a look back at the clubbing year behind, blissful moments we shared with artists, and all the love we shared through music.

December is the month when we bring everything we carefully planned for you, all the dreams we wanted to dream with you, all the moments we wanted to spend together. We shine bright, prepare a spectacle, organize everything for you to enjoy gigs of your favorite global superstars alongside the best regional talents. We send you on a magical journey through beats and grooves, audio-visual effects, dancefloor euphoria and top entertainment. We repeat the CENTRAL DANCE EVENT memories and the magic we experienced, heard, saw and felt for a long time after. CDE is the center of the fun, a gathering point for party people from across the region and beyond, where we all hypnotically “sail” through music together.

This December is a bit different, as well as the year that is coming to an end. Most of us from the music industry will remember this year for the delayed bookings, parties that did not happen, festivals that did not take place, their virtual editions instead.

For the past eight years, we had the best time with you, dreaming and writing wishes and NY resolutions, counting down to midnight and dancing to lots of great music. CDE 2021 was supposed to be an epic edition… We had big plans big surprises for you, guys. But we don’t give up. We’re still here. We still believe in New Year’s magic. Although unfortunately, many things are out of our power at the moment, we are waiting for better days. We are still planning. We hope to make our dreams come true and to write them down in the history of regional clubbing…. CDE 2021 DREAM OR REALITY !?

CENTRAL DANCE EVENT, the only New Year’s electronic music festival in the region, this year is changing its concept due to the current situation with pandemics which is not subsiding at the moment. Through this year’s edition titled CDE 2021 DREAM OR REALITY, we leave room for possibilities.

Although the situation is changing daily, and since the whole world is subject to changes which we cannot influence, we still hope this year we will hang out in a certain format and, if possible, hold the event at a very limited capacity, following all health and safety measures, as CDE 2021 REALITY edition.

Bearing in mind that the health of all of us is the most important and as this year is ending in completely different circumstances, if it is not possible for our micro plans to be realized and all wishes fulfilled – we will mark this year’s edition as a virtual festival CDE 2021 DREAM.

Take care of yourself and others. Be responsible and healthy! We will all definitely hang out, through DREAM OR REALITY!


Your CDE team


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