The biggest humanitarian festival of Electronic Music in Serbia, Dance4Life, will be held on December 2 in Hall 5 of the Belgrade Fair.

This humanitarian action in the form of a great party is reserved for just one night this year, but, as expected, it will gather the biggest stars of the local clubbing scene and equally important clubbers. This year the goal is to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment that enables an early detection of rare illnesses.

If we take a look just two years back at the beginning of this wonderful happening, in 2015, in just one weekend, 30,000 euros were raised for medical treatment of Nemanja Ivanovic Manja (Dance4Manya), while last year we raised 37,600 euros for Mario Juresic’s treatment.

The entire organization highlights the fact that, with the help of music, society and positive energy, this is the third year in a row that people are joining up to fight for those who need their help the most. Aside this humanitarian cause, Dance4Life will gladden fellow partygoers with the state of the art stage, lighting and sound production.

“This is more of a movement, rather than an organization. It is our duty to raise the level of awareness about mutual care. In the previous years we managed to prove that you can do great things when a large group of individuals each make their small contribution to the cause. That is why we dance for the future of people who cannot afford medical treatment this year, as well”, said people from Dance4Life movement.


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