Henry Saiz and the band interview for Blender

From your last performance in Belgrade it has been a year, what exciting happened in the meantime? 

We’re almost at the point of finally releasing our audiovisual album that my band and I have been working on for the past 1.5 years, so working on that project was one hell of an exciting journey. 

 You are inspired by well known artist like Kubrick, Lynch, Bergman, Dali… Are there some contemporary artist which you would like to point out? 

I follow too many different ways of artistic movements that I can’t choose just a few artists to be honest 🙂 

Top 3 tracks of all times from various genres? 

Oh, guys, this is a very tough question haha. There would be a lot more than just three. 

 Your new album or better to say project will be finally released in April. Tell us how was the whole experience during that journey? 

Crazy, challenging, a bit exhausting at times, but overall amazing. This might be one of the biggest projects of my career, so I’m very proud and happy we’ve managed to turn into reality. 

 You already met our crowd, what do you expect from them this time and what can they expect from you? 

We loved the crowd last time we played in Belgrade, it was very open-minded and the vibes were just great. We had a good time and we are really looking forward to coming back on the 13th. Pretty sure it will be just as great! 

See you soon!


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