Denis Sulta inside the walls of mighty Barutana on May 11

Barutana and Blender announce with great excitement the appearance of the unique Denis Sulta at the most beautiful open summer location in Belgrade. 

Denis Sulta distinguished himself as one of the most exciting young names of the fruitful musical underground scene in a short period of time. His unique sound is carefully crafted, and he owes most of his music education to working in an internationally renowned Rubadube record store. 

Holding his craft under the leadership of some of the most respected local music selectors, DJs and producers, Denis Sulta was given the opportunity to present his vocal performances for Dixon Avenue Bassement Jams in 2014. Even then, the electronic music industry acknowledged his rich and dominant abilities along piercing releases for the Numbers label, and more recently for its own label Sulta Selects

Sulta has a very precise and diverse approach to dance music. He immediately distinguished himself with the visible ability to reach incredible heights for someone who is still at the beginning of his journey. Constant praise and support from colleague DJs and producers, some of whom, Jackmaster, Skream, Four Tet and Optimo, greatly helped the hard work of Sulta’s work, which eventually led to collaborating on projects for Annie Mac together on Radio 1 and the legendary club Space on Ibiza. 

This extravagant producer has successfully graduated from the Red Bull Academy in Montreal, currently playing radio stations and clubs around the world. In 2016 he reached the 26th place of the Resident Advisor list, becoming the best-listed new artist, arguably of all time. It is undoubtedly clear that there’s no slowing down the rhythm for the already famous Mr. Sulta.


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