Blender Interview – Lexlay

Born in Barcelona, Lexlay has been showing the world his own way of understanding music for more than a decade. After years of work and driven by his resourceful character he´s been placed in a respectable position in the national electronic music scene. We caught up with him before his Belgrade premiere on May 18th in Barutana.

You started three projects: Happy Techno, Lexlay & Friends and the Happy Techno Music record label. Tell us more about them and how difficult it is to manage a successful brand; what is the road to success?

I started around 12 years ago, with my party brand Happy Techno and also my artist name Lexlay. Along the way I realized that it was also necessary to have a record label to explain to the world my particular vision of music.  About the second question…the road to success is unstable, unpredictable, today you can be up and tomorrow down. I think the most difficult part is not to become successful, but to be able to maintain success for a long period of time.

Techno music is constantly changing. How do you deal with all those changes on the scene and music market?

This question refers to what I have said before, to be up to date, to work hard and to adapt to the new currents … in short, to constantly update and renew oneself. We are in a new era where changes happen faster. In addition, in the music industry these changes are more accentuated by the great competition with great artists, record labels, artist agencies etc .

What is your favorite party destination and whose show would you never miss?

Without a doubt it would be Tomorrowland, for its positive energy, open air, the amount of people that come to this festival. I am a person who moves by positive energies and Tomorrowland gives me a very good vibes.

We heard that you eat eggs and kiwi for breakfast. Do you have any other interesting food combinations? How do you find balance between the nightlife and a healthy lifestyle?

One of the keys to managing the stress that this life entails, is undoubtedly eating healthily, playing sports. It is very important to have a balanced mental life, sport is my way of escape, to feeling relaxed after a hard day’s work.

This is your first show in Belgrade. What can our crowd expect from you on May 18th in Barutana?

What people can expect from my set, is a lot of energy, happiness and high doses of good proper dancefloor music. I’m going to mix tech-house and techno, I hope people go home with a big smile on their face.


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