Blender Interview: Amir Javasoul

Tell us more about yourself, so our crowd can get to know you better since this is your first time in Serbia.

Born in Iran, raised in Canada, lived a long time in Paris France. This is the basics of it. I’ve been a DJ for 20 years. I love what I do and find it the best feeling in the world to share this passion with music minded people and crowd.

How did you enter the world of Electronic Music?

In the mid-90s in Canada, we had an incredible rave and club scene. The reason I got into it at first was from a Chicago DJ/Producer by the name of Derrick Carter. His perfection in the art of mixing was/is unmatched and It sparked a lifelong interest in me

How has working with Ricardo affected your career? How have you started collaborating and what does it look like playing with him on tours?

Ricardo and I are great friends. This is the most important thing. He’s also one of my main inspirations from a musical perspective and as how he is with is fans and surroundings. His genius in the studio is undisputable. As DJs we have a very similar approach which is essentially to play to have fun. Not to overthink it. We also have the same obsession for old, obscure Chicago or New York records. This always creates fun conversations on the road. For all these reasons we enjoy playing together. We always have fun and this creates a lovely and relaxed atmosphere during our sets which gives a super nice result for the party. I’m very happy and humbled to be able to share my time on the road with such a great person. It has affected me positively in a lot of ways. You know, in this industry we have a lot of people that take themselves very seriously and change their attitude and approach towards people. What I’ve learned the most from our dear Ricci is that it’s important to always stay grounded and approachable to your crowd. This is a quality that is so beautiful to see.

What unique experience from your career won’t you ever forget?

If I had to pick one today, it would be when I played nearly 14 hours, with some of it being a surprise back to back set with Ricardo, at Sunwaves 2017.

What is your favorite party destination? Whose show wouldn’t you ever miss?

There has been so many amazing places I was privileged to play these past year. Again, Sunwaves is one destination I hope to be a part of for years to come. Caprice festival. Piknic Electronik in Santiago, Chile. Aside from that, if I have an off night and ZIP is DJing somewhere, I wouldn’t miss it.

Your favorite artist and album of all time?

This is always tough to answer. Prince will forever be in my top artists of all time. Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” is an album that has stayed close to me since it was released.

Your top 3 tracks of any genre?

Tone Theory (Derrick Carter) – Limbo of vanished possibilities

Prince – Uptown

Arthur Russell – That’s us/wild combination

What are your plans for the future?

I don’t plan much in advance. My goal is to keep doing what I’m doing and make sure I enjoy it as much as I do today, every day. The day it’s not fun anymore is the day I stop.

Do you have something special in store for our crowd, what can we expect?

I’m really excited to be in Belgrade because it’s my first time there. I’m very much into reviewing a city’s history before I travel there for the first time. I look forward to being there and to play for a new crowd. I usually pack more records when I go somewhere new, so you can bet I will be ready. Expect to dance on June 15th


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