After a series of incredible bookings, Blender platform again decided to launch the event that will announce and set on fire to the summer season on Kalemegdan fortress. Under the open sky of the most picturesque clubbing location in Belgrade, two great names of world Progressive scene, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren will give their performances on June 8.

In the recent explosion of talents and deejays produced by the music industry in the last couple of years, rare are those who can boast of their long-lived careers set in stone three years ago like the artist Hernan Cattaneo. He is one of the leading underground artists that Argentinian House scene can offer to the international one. His sound sets in the borders of Progressive, House and Techno, and he is also the founder of “Sudbeat” record label and the host of a show which goal was to introduce new talents to the scene, apart those well-known like Guy J, Nick Warren and Henry Saiz.

Put simply, DJ Nick Warren is the ambassador of Electronic Music. He has eight albums released on “Global Underground” label, tracks on “Renaissance” and “Balance Series” labels and the new and popular “The Soundgarden” mixes which all make him one of the first superstar deejays in the world, that decades later holds on to that very same title. Warren has a sort of musical depth and variety that make his every performance a unique listening experience, while his specific approach enabled him to connect with clubbers all over the world. Despite all his achievements, Nick Warren does not rest on his laurels, but always keeps focused on future projects.


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