Matador returns to Belgrade

A favorite of Belgrade’s crowd will shake the walls of Hangar doing what he does best on March 3. The excitement is mutual, and Belgrade has become one of Matador’s favorite party destinations. The crowd took great interest in his previous appearance and the sold-out show was remembered as one of his best. Impatiently, we await this event and Matador who will leave us breathless as always!

Gavin Lynch, known as Matador, was born in Dublin where he started his career as a sound engineer and DJ in smaller clubs, carefully planning his next big step. In just three years, he climbed to the top of the global DJ scene, vastly helped by Richie Hawtin’s record label “Minus”. Soon enough, Matador was on every major clubbing event line-up around the most famous worldwide clubs, alongside other DJs on the “Minus” label. In 2014 he was declared as the best LIVE act in Ibiza, and year by year he confirms it.


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